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Welcome to Single in The Villages! 

We are a member-run organization, meaning our members create and host our events. These member-created events provide a vibrant community for singles with a large variety of interests ranging from bus trips and sporting events and theater to dancing in the Squares... and everything in between. Our members create the fun.

A benefit that our members appreciate is the Daily Happenings. This is a list that is posted daily of what live music is occurring throughout The Villages. Members meet and dance the evening away with friends, new and old, by consulting this list. This is available on our members only Facebook page.

Join us as we enrich our lives, build our community and live our lives to the fullest.

We may live alone, but we are not alone.


  • Member-run organization - it is up to us to create the fun
  • Create events that interest you
  • Build friendships
  • Create a sense of unity
  • Being part of a supportive, inclusive community
  • Build active lives for singles

We may live alone, but we're are not alone.


Sample Calendar of SITV Events

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