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4th Annual Kazoo
Christmas Parade
Dec 2023

4th Annual kazoo Christmas Cart Parade

Sandy Toes Beach 
March 12 2024

Sandy Toes March Beach Trip

Driveway Concert
Under The Oaks

Under The Oaks 04/19/2024

Mardi Gras
Feb 13, 2024

Mardi Gras Party
Feb 13, 2024

Welcome to
"Single in The Villages"

"We may live alone,
but we are not alone!"™

Jeff Scholder   

We are a member-run organization providing a vibrant community for single people living in The Villages. We are a social club, and not intended to be a ‘Match’ type of group, but if two people meet and sparks fly ... well, that’s a gift. We are here to be social, support one another, laugh, have fun and enjoy life.
As members, we create activities, events, and opportunities open to all members. This inclusive participation makes us a close community that has fun while supporting each other. Our exciting events may include playing and watching sports, dining out, musical and theater performances, socializing, thought-provoking discussion groups, and, of course, dancing in the Squares!

Members also have access to our daily posting of live music activities through the Squares, restaurants and venues outside of The Villages.  Also, once active, members are be able to join our private Facebook page for further social interactions.


  We are one of The Villages'
largest clubs and growing!!!
Grow with us!

New Member Sign up Instructions


New Member Signup

Important Security Message


Notice to all
"Single in the Villages"
members or prospective members.

There are a number of Facebook groups that have names similar to our Facebook page. Single in The Villages, Inc. (SITV) has received a number of complaints about SITV members being contacts by non-members.

The Personal Identifiable Information (PII) on the SITV website is security, and only members have access to the private membership directory.  Also, you as a member, control the amount of information that is displayed in the directory, by editing your directory entry in your profile.

The SITV Facebook page is restricted to current, paid members of SITV. However Facebook in general has many security issues, Including cross connections, if you are member of any of these pages. The Facebook pages that are similar to the SITV page are list below.

  • SingleS in the villages
  • Singles OF the villages
  • Single OF the villages

Single in the Villages, Inc. has no association directly or indirect relation with any of these Facebook pages, and has taken steps to restrict them from being used as websites. As with any website or networked application on the internet be aware of what information you are providing and how it may be used.

Join an Active Single Life!

Single in The Villages, Inc. is a non-profit Florida corporation, tax-exempt under IRC 501(c)(7)
Copyright(c) 2021-2023 by Single in The Villages, Inc.

"Single in the Villages"
is trademarked by
Single in The Villages, Inc.

"The Villages"
is a registered trademark of
Holding Company of The Villages, Inc.